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Blockchain/Smart Contracts Developer

POSTED May 29, 2018


RemoteRemote • 🛠 Engineering • Contractor

Melissa Yacoub, DiscoverBlokchain
Melissa Yacoub May 29, 2018
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About DiscoverBlokchain

DiscoverBlockchain aims to create a sufficiently flexible ecosystem that will serve both (1) the theoretic expansion of Blockchain knowledge and (2) the applied development of Blockchain initiatives.

● For academics, both learners and contributors to the distributed ledger mindspace, DiscoverBlockchain provides a platform for publication, peer-review, education and experimentation.

● For entrepreneurs and contractors looking to contract a service or build a team, DiscoverBlockchain’s job board employs the new standards of security and global payment enabled by cryptocurrency.

Then, beyond the conventional functions of the platform, we apply the transparent and objective DiscoverSCORE validation algorithm: DiscoverBlockchain’s chief differentiating value and unique application of Blockchain technology.

Job Description

DiscoverBlockchain is looking for a Blockchain/Smart Contracts Developer.


• At least 1 year of experience in Ethereum Tech Stack, Solidity, Truffle, Web3.js, MetaMask, Remix IDE
• Proven experience while previously working on Blockchain projects

Job Responsibilities/Duties:

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