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API3 builds blockchain-native, decentralized APIs with DAO-governance and quantifiable security. We have recently raised a high profile seed round, executed a public distribution, and are now looking to fill some key roles in our core technical team.

ChainAPI is a platform that will streamline API–blockchain integrations. ChainAPI is a founding member of API3, and aims to provide API3 with a wide variety of first-party oracles—oracles operated by the API providers themselves.

Job Description

This position will support the development of ChainAPI as a product. You can refer to the API3 whitepaper and our ChainAPI article for more information.


  • Have full ownership of the product, including
    • Writing specs
    • Involved in prototyping discussions
    • Reviewing wireframes
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Managing the project backlog
  • Acquire a strong knowledge of API3’s solutions (e.g. dAPIs, Airnode) and stay up to date with API3 development
  • Work remotely with an internationally distributed team


  • Is a self-starter and requires minimal supervision
  • Good communication skills
  • 2+ years of writing technical specifications.
  • Experience with blockchain technologies as a user
  • Experience and understanding of web APIs


  • Past experience in blockchain projects.
  • Project management experience.

To apply for this position, send a free-form application with the title “Business Analyst - ChainAPI” to [email protected]


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Posted on March 10, 2021

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