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Raman Crypto Jobs List
January 06, 2022

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We are humbled by this opportunity and this year's growth has been unparalleled. We believe that everyone should be working on what they love and we are here to make that happen.

Job Description

We are looking for an ambitious generalist to be part of CJL community, help our companies with our products, as well as organising and hosting virtual events.


  • Support our SME / corporate customer inquiries. That’s about 20-30% of the job, but a fundamental part. You’ll be working with and supporting some of the top companies and their leaders in crypto, blockchain, web3 space. Answering questions about our product, helping with billing, and resolving all sorts of situations and issues.
  • Customer retention, acquisition, and building relationships. We don’t do direct sales, but if business development interests you, you might be a great value add to the community.
  • Hosting and organising virtual events, career fairs, Twitter spaces, podcasts and more. We’d love someone who isn’t camera and microphone shy. Who is good at handling conversations about HR, especially if they get technical. 


  • Passion for blockchain, cryptocurrency, web3 technologies. Basic understanding of transactions, various chains, differences between coins and tokens, etc.
  • Proven experience handling and communicating in difficult situations. Both in writing and verbally. Making sure that the other party feels heard, cared for and taken seriously.
  • Experience with SaaS product support, experience or desire to work in a small team / startup environment is a plus.
  • Passionate about customer success and overall customer experience 
  • You are a natural people person, who loves helping and resolving problems for others 
  • High EQ
  • Perfect written and spoken English. 
  • Experience providing feedback and ideas to product and engineering teams for overall product and service improvement 
  • Interested in writing, content creation is a plus
  • Interest in HR is a plus
  • Singaporean or PR


  • Super small team 🤝 High responsibilities. You wont be pigeonholed into a narrow field of work. 
  • Access to top companies in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Web3 space. Great place for you to learn and be fully immersed in the industry.
  • Work side by side with a talented technical team, and influence the product roadmap
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January 06, 2022