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POSTED Dec 21, 2017

at Phore

Job Description

The role of Core Developer would be to contribute towards the ongoing development of the Phore project.

Candidates are required to have expertise in: C++, GO and Python; 3+ years experience would be advantageous. Multi-platform experience on Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS and Android would also be preferable but not essential.

In the short - medium term, development tasks would include, but not be limited to:

  • The creation of the functional Smart Contracts within the Phore project.
  • Segwit integration.
  • Assistance in the creation of Phores Decentralized Marketplace.

This would require candidates to:

  • Possess the ability to build attractive, reliable application software.
  • Possess the ability to easily identify and fix bugs.
  • Be able to work on various projects at any given time.
  • Be dependable and seize initiative.
  • Have excellent communication and time management skills.

Salary range

TBD and Equity

This job has expired

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