Chief of Staff

Dieter Shirley, Dapper Labs
Dieter Shirley
November 11, 2018

Dapper Labs wants everyone, not just industry insiders, to experience the value of blockchain technology. Our people are our greatest strength: our diverse team of creators and founders flourish in a distributed hierarchy, where personal autonomy and professional growth are encouraged. We value our culture and diversity above else — regardless of where you came, what you studied, or who you used to work for. This unique organizational structure is the same one behind CryptoKitties.

The Dapper team is a group of humble and curious creators, academics, and tinkerers who share a passion to demystify blockchain technology and tap into its potential to create change in the world. Everyone here is a founder, and not one fits in a box. We’re all driven by an insatiable thirst for learning and development, and that’s what brings us together. Join us in bringing the first billion to the blockchain.

Job Description

Our Chief Technology Officer (aka. Old Salt) and one of the co-creators of CryptoKitties, Dieter, is looking for a Chief of Staff / EA to help continue to pioneer new technologies, like ERC-721 and beyond! Prior to starting Dapper, Dieter led technology R&D efforts at Axiom Zen for five years as Chief Architect. Before that, he served in leadership and engineering roles at Atimi and Apple.

Here is what I need your help with - the right person will probably see holes and want to do way more!

I need your meticulous calendar management skills to keep me organized, up-to-date, and efficient with meetings.

I need your confidentiality when I ask you to review documents that will send shockwaves through industries, or create entirely new ones.

I need your astounding memory to remember all of the little things that I might forget - like the fact I spoke to a professor at MIT and want to send a thank you note because they are going to become an Advisor.

I need your persuasive tone to tell my closest contacts that I value their time but can’t respond to their email right away. Most of the time, I will need you to respond on my behalf.

I need your appreciation and understanding of the passion and energy I have for the team, and the company. I need you to bear with my crazy ideas and help bring big concepts down to actionable steps. It’s not always easy but it’s gotten us to where we are today.

I need you to not just like, but love, creating holistic systems and processes to optimize how we work and therefore create a bigger impact. This also means identifying wins, losses, areas of improvement, and where I can help

I need you to a exercise critical thinking to figure out how you can triage, and delegate inflows of information before I even touch it.

I need you to be open minded, we are pioneering a new industry, and a lot of what has worked in the past, will keep us in the past. Decentralization is the wave of the future, and we are showing consumers how to surf it.

I need your resourceful character to be able to see – and often solve – problems that I miss.

Most of all, we need to be able to develop a mutual trust. I need to trust you to to bring order to our creative chaos; you need to trust me so we can move fast in an environment of imperfect information. Trust that I can count on you. Trust that I can share my professional endeavours and aspirations.

What you can expect:

You will have my support and respect. No matter what.

You will have a mentor, coach, and leader who will share knowledge and wisdom gained from failing many times but succeeding more.

You will learn so much about professional deals, building multiple businesses, and how people operate in the world of startups.

You will have exposure to some of the most influential people in technology and my most trusted advisors. The ideas, thoughts, and opinions you’ll hear will provide you with an education that few universities could match.

You will work with some of the most talented designers, product managers, engineers and marketers in the world. Our products have been featured on Apple’s Best of Lists and most recently our blockchain project – CryptoKitties – went viral in a matter of days.

You will work with the rest of our brilliant Mission Control team members to keep our Kaizen (Executive) team in line.

How to Apply:

If you don’t believe in resumes and cover letters, that’s fine - send us whatever you think will create impact. We might ask for it later.

If you do, that’s cool too, please include your resume and cover letter.

And if you are inclined...

If you have the chance to introduce me to three people to the crypto and technology space, who would they be and why?

Please apply through this link:

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💼 Executive
📆 Full-time
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Posted on November 11, 2018
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