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POSTED Jan 29, 2018
Jonathan Miller, MCFit
Jonathan Miller Jan 29, 2018
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at MCFit

Job Description

Minecraft Fitness encourages regular exercise & healthy diet by rewarding gamers with enhanced
player performance, virtual goods, and virtual currency.
With Minecraft Fitness virtual goods can be traded amongst players & sold and virtual currency can
be converted into the MCFit (MCF) cryptocurrency.
We are partnered with Minecraft (by Microsoft / Mojang), the world’s #1 online game, Enjin, the largest gaming community creation platform, Fitbit, the leader in fitness products, Under Armour (MyFitnessPal), the world’s largest digital fitness community, and Ethereum, the #1 blockchain technology & fastest growing cryptocurrency.

The team at Minecraft Fitness experience includes; Flycast Communications, Fortunecity,
PeopleLink, AngelList, Product Hunt, Playdom, Playtika, Caesars Entertainment, FitCentrix, Sega, CCP Games, Fitstreem, ViPR, Fitness Interactive Experience, Exergame Fitness, RewardMe, CaptainUp, Octalysis, T/Maker, Softbook, Anytime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Crossfit and more, who have provided billions of dollars in returns to investors.

We are seeking a dynamic growth hacker to manage our product development and upcoming ICO, server owner & user marketing.

Ideal candidate is a fitness enthusiast w/ experience in gaming and cryptocurrency / blockchain.

Available immediately.

Salary range

$90-120k USD + Equity

This job has expired

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