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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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January 13, 2021

RealT is a platform for investing in U.S. real estate. Our mission is to democratize access to real estate investment opportunities, curated by a team of real estate professionals.

Ownership of these real estate properties is denominated by digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Ownership in most real estate properties is determined by paper deeds. RealT replaces paper deeds with digital tokens; a new mechanism for asset ownership, based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Job Description

Are you a CTO passionate about Blockchain, De-Fi, and smart contracts, with an additional interest in real estate?

We are a fast-growing start-up specializing in the tokenization of the real estate sector through a system of fractional ERC20 tokens.  We are looking for a senior technical leader who has blockchain and scaling experience.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the most senior technologist in the company and represents technology interests within the company’s senior leadership team. The CTO is accountable for the delivery, quality, availability, and performance of the company’s technology platform, websites, services, databases, wallet, and cloud infrastructure. As a key liaison between the technology team and other key functions (Marketing, Operations, Finance, etc..), the CTO possesses excellent interpersonal and stakeholder management skills, with an ability to make very technical topics understandable to all. Lastly, but most importantly, the CTO must inspire and motivate a team of talented people to serve our customers with outstanding experiences, delivering measurable business results through technology.


Soft Skills

    • Needs to provide leadership on:
      • Technology direction — Leverages experience to help the business adopt technologies that are likely to maximize benefit/cost ratio, and can think across different time horizons when providing this direction.
      • Business direction — Makes decisions relative to the needs of the business (not just technology and trends) in both the short- and long-term.  Capable of reconciling competing needs within the business and providing stakeholders with relevant, intelligible recommendations and decisions.
      • Team direction and organization — Provides the development team with clarity on priorities, timelines, and approaches. Capable of connecting with a remote team across different time zones in a responsive and clear way--consistently available during team hours from 12:00-21:00 UTC. Develops the team’s structure and culture to elevate performance and reduce friction.

    • Needs the ability to:
      • Hit the ground running. We’re growing fast in a number of directions, so we need a self-starter who enjoys meeting new challenges and self-teaching.
      • Listen to and understand the challenges and concerns of both individuals and teams.  We need a CTO who is responsive and connected in order to remain agile and flexible.
      • Organize and set priorities based on changing conditions. The CTO needs to be able to balance high-level needs against low-level circumstances.
      • Predict likely outcomes.  We don’t need an oracle, but it is crucial that the CTO be able to provide a sense of how potential choices are likely to play out in the technology and DeFi spaces (decentralized finance).
      • Take risks and think outside the current paradigm. We cannot be restricted by conventional approaches as a company, and the CTO has to be at the forefront of innovation.
  • Be comfortable handling failure. Software development is iterative and fraught with unforeseen problems.  The CTO must know how to handle setbacks with grace and wisdom.


Tech Stack:

The absence of one or two elements from any given bullet can probably be tolerated, but experience in each bullet point is fairly important

  • Knowledge about Ethereum and EVM-based blockchains, smart-contract development with Solidity, Web3.js / Ethers.js framework knowledge
  • JavaScript/TypeScript, React, Angular, Node.js
  • MySQL, database management
  • AWS, DevOps, architecture management and security
  • Docker and other containerization experience 
  • Wordpress & PHP


Other Skills

  • Bilingual English and French very much desired
  • Financial/accounting literacy


How to apply

Send us:

  • ​Anything that reflects on your knowledge and experience in the field
  • Links to your GitHub/Stack Overflow/Portfolio/something awesome you've built that you’re proud of
  • A resume and/or LinkedIn profile
  • References for your work history
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Posted on January 13, 2021

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