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Data Journalist

POSTED Sep 29, 2017

Shakil Khan
Shakil Khan Sep 29, 2017
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Job Description

CoinDesk is seeking paid part-time freelancer to support our growing data journalism team. The ideal candidate would be based in New York City or work remotely.

Armed with technologies, such as blockchain and cryptography, a wave of innovators is seeking to reshape how the world manages its value – increasing privacy, financial inclusion, robustness, and cutting out bureaucracy.

At CoinDesk, it’s our job to find and cover the story. As the content leader for all things ‘bitcoin’ and ‘blockchain,’ CoinDesk is poised to become a substantial voice as this industry grows.

At our data journalism team, you will have an opportunity to cover a fast growing market where exciting new development happens everyday. You will work with our data team to help our newsroom to automate, scale, and improve its data acquisition process, and integrate data into daily workflow.


Bonus Points

The position is ideal for current graduate students or enrolled undergraduates who is interested in cryptocurrency and want a hands-on experience in data science and financial media.

About CoinDesk

Since 2013, CoinDesk has been the leader in blockchain news.
Through our independent journalism and monthly research reports, we cover the key trends, technologies, companies and people that matter in bitcoin, ethereum and other blockchain tech communities.

We also host must-attend events, such as Consensus, CoinDesk’s annual blockchain summit, which has become the industry’s largest annual event for experts and leaders from the startup, investment, financial services, and policy communities.


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