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Full Stack Developer

POSTED Sep 29, 2017

Shakil Khan
Shakil Khan Sep 29, 2017
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Job Description

CoinDesk is the #1 media company in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We are rapidly growing through our media brand, events, and emerging data business. We are looking for team members who both excel in their roles and help provide direction and input into where the company is heading. We are not looking for someone who only wants a list of tasks handed to them, but those who are passionate about our space and achieving success.

Top Reasons to Work for CoinDesk:


Tech Skills:

Proficiency in all of the below skills is needed for our Full Stack Developer position:

CoinDesk currently has the following technical products that require general upkeep / maintenance as well as future product enhancements:

Website (Desktop / Mobile)
App (Android / iOS)
Internal API (Powers the website / app and data feeds)
Public API (Price feeds for our Index are public facing and a widget)

This position would require you to touch all aspects of the codebase over time, so being familiar with the technologies used to create them is a huge plus.

Current list of new projects within the next 6 months that we will look to be doing:

Mobile website redesign
Merging of the current CoinDesk app with acquired company Lawnmower app
Greatly expanding upon our internal pricing API technology, not only new pricing features but ability to scale
Integrating a CRM to bring all of our current marketing and sales technologies under one roof
Building out an events platform for our events / sales team

Non Tech Skills:


Your day to day responsibilities would be that of a Full Stack Developer. You will be required to not only produce high quality code, but also be involved in every step of the ideation, planning, and management process that goes along with shipping new products.

You will work with alongside a team of 2-3 other developers who will be working with you on some projects, but also on separate projects at the same time. You will be required to “own” a portion of the codebase and will be responsible for maintaining and improving upon that over time.

Contact Information:

Please send your resume to [email protected] for further review and we will be in touch, we look forward to speaking with you!


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