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Community Manager

POSTED Mar 26, 2018
Darryl, Alphablockchain Solutions
Darryl Mar 26, 2018
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at Alphablockchain Solutions

Alphablockchain Solutions is an ICO Agency providing one-stop solution for the ICO Industry and we plan to disrupt this industry by providing cost effective solutions to our ICO partners.
We provide a range of services:
1) 24/7 Community Management
2) Marketing and PR
3) Business Development
4) Bounty Management
5) Consulting and Whitepaper Analysis
6) Whitepaper translation and proofreading

Job Description

For Community Management,
You will be required to manage:
1) Telegram Group
2) Bitcointalk
3) Reddit
4) Facebook
5) Twitter
6) Slack/Discord
during your shift hours.
Depending on whether you will require to do all the above depends on the ICO; but if you wish to apply to us, you have to be aware that community management does not only include telegram moderation

Salary range

Project based

Job is filled

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Mar 26, 2018 ✅ 13 👁 529
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