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POSTED Feb 19, 2018
Mike Davie, DataStreamX
Mike Davie Feb 19, 2018
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Job Description

The Company:
DataStreamX is building the DSX Network that bridges the world’s collective intelligence to enable innovation that will further the development of data driven intellect. The network levels the playing field by ensuring no single entity controls the worlds information and enables all companies to become data refineries, processing and contributing smart data products back into the network.

The Role:
The DSX Network will power many of the next generation solutions that require access to large data assets and intelligence feeds. We are looking for an strong community member to come on board and be our eyes, ears and voice in the Blockchain and Data Science communities.

The Responsibilities:
• Monitor and maintain conversation in your Telegram Community
• Launch our Slack community of global Data Scientists
• Engaging in forum conversations over LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, etc
• Engaging with DataStreamX clients over our live chat
• Attending industry events
• Monitoring of industry news

Desired Skills and Experience:
• Data Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics or other related discipline
• 3+ years experience leading online and/or offline communities and groups
• Love for data, data science, crypto, blockchain, AI, Machine learning and making a difference in the world
• Want to be a part of the Global DS and Crypto community
• Want to lead the global conversation about the usage for data in commercial and real-world applications and how a distributed data network will power the future of these

Salary range

2.8K SGD + Token Bonuses

This job has expired

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