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Community Manager

POSTED Apr 13, 2018

at Kryptoia

About Coinexis
The biggest pain barrier of crypto curriencies overcome. Coinexis introduce a new way to buy crypto with your spare change.

Coinexis allow consumers to convert their coin’s into valuable crypto currency. A jar of coins will move from having no value, into an asset that not only has a value, but one that can increase over time.

Job Description

Job Description
This role is for a helpful and friendly person that preferably has previous experience managing Telegram or similar groups.

For Community Management,
You will be required to manage:
1) Telegram Group
2) Bitcointalk
3) Reddit
4) Facebook
5) Twitter
6) Slack/Discord
during your shift hours.

Depending on whether you will require to do all the above depends on the ICO; but if you wish to apply to us, you have to be aware that community management does not only include telegram moderation

A ICO investor / crypto background would be appreciated.

Your english speaking role will include building a community in Telegram and keeping an eye on Reddit posts. You will be compensated with our upcoming Coniexis Token for your participation as a community manager.

Salary range
Tokens after ICO

Salary range


This job has expired

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