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Community manager

POSTED Feb 28, 2019

RemoteCyprus • 💬 Community • Full-time

Kateryna Solomska, Noozzle
Kateryna Solomska Feb 28, 2019
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at Noozzle

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Crypto for humans & by humans
We bring to life practical apply of crypto and stellar user experience!
We create crypto products that give people:

  1. Real crypto apply. Practical application of the crypt: long-term investment, volatility trading, cross-border shipping, etc.
  2. Restoring human rights, freedom and privacy to restore the balance between human rights and state power protect privacy, political and economic freedom
  3. Stellar user experience. Everything is super convenient, rational and humane Positioning based on idea of open, effortless, intuitive, free crypto space.

Job Description

HOT!!!! Looking for a COMMUNITY MANAGER in CRYPTO field!
With experience only!


  • consistently high wages
  • flexible remote work time
  • friendly team that can give you a hand in any issue
  • interesting, active job that won’t let you get bored))))
  • working in a team of professionals you will get invaluable new experience in the crypto industry


  • perfect English written skills
  • experience of growing community from zero (Telegram/Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/Medium etc)
  • blockchain/cryptocurrency project background at the same position 1 year +
  • real cases

Ready to join us? We are waiting for you!
You can find out more about us, just contact me and join our family team right now!
E-mail: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Telegram: @lifesmi1e

Salary range

1k USD +


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