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POSTED Feb 06, 2018

The Rouge Project


Naira d'Arcollières
Naira d'Arcollières Feb 06, 2018
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Rouge is reinventing coupons, brand loyalty, and the future of digital marketing.

Our mission is to free coupons from middle-men and put an end to outdated, imprecise “codes”: reducing costs, and eliminating fraud and grey-market trading to create non-forgeable, unique use coupons.

The basis of the Rouge Project is an open-source software protocol: a suite of smart contracts using an ERC-20 backed token (RGE) on the Ethereum blockchain.

The project is supported by The Rouge Foundation based in Estonia but the team is truly international and 100% remote. We’re looking for experienced, ambitious people to help us bring our vision to life. Could you be our next hire?

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