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January 05, 2022
Syndr Protocol jobs

Syndr is a DeFi protocol for simple, capital-efficient and natively cross-chain synthetic assets. Synthetic assets are tokenized derivatives engineered to simulate the price of another asset.

  • Stablecoin collateral - Borrow natively cross-chain synthetic assets against USD stablecoins
  • Capital Efficiency - Borrow synthetics with an effective MCR of 92% & native system MCR of 110%
  • Native Bridging - Natively bridgeable b/w all chains
  • Multi-Collateral support - FRAX, DAI, LUSD, aDAI, cDAI, etc. (Pool your assets together)

We are currently a small team and backed by some of the best names in the DeFi including the founders of 1inch, StakeDAO, Persistance.One, Biconomy, EPNS, Movr network, Gnosis, ClayStack, CapX and more.

Job Description

Syndr Protocol is looking for an ideal candidate to lead our community efforts. As Syndr’s Community manager and Discord wizard, you will be a key member of the executive team, and will manage the marketing, communications, and brand responsibilities of the company.

Who you are?

You’re passionate about Crypto space and have meaningful experience in organizing and building engaged communities. You are a self starter and can work effectively in a remote environment with flexible working hours. You possess an excellent meme game and enjoy engaging with virtual groups and communities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage Syndr on Twitter and Discord
  • Engage with community members and build meaningful relationships
  • Develop and execute social media strategies to grow, manage and engage our community on Discord and Twitter
  • Create memes, write threads and posts about Syndr and web3 in general
  • Host virtual spaces, talks & AMAs with community members
  • Work with team members to ideate and execute promotional strategies involving social media and community channels to drive user acquisition and community engagement
  • Drive the evolution of our brand positioning, bringing it to life in a clear and consistent way that resonates with and motivates our target audiences
  • Generate interest and excitement about Syndr through intelligent promotion and marketing of our products, services, and brand


  • Passionate about web3 technologies
  • Experience working in an early-stage environment (either company or product) to find product-market fit.
  • Demonstrable experience organising and building engaged communities
  • Be an active user/ have strong understanding of DeFi, NFTs and crypto projects
  • Be a crypto enthusiast and know how to engage & motivate other crypto degens
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Be fluent in emoji & crypto lingo


  • Salary paid in stablecoins
  • Flexible working hours
  • Token Allocation package
  • Travel to crypto events and conferences globally(pending any COVID/Omicron complications)
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Posted on January 05, 2022

Apply for Community Manager & Discord Wizard at Syndr Protocol

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