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Community Support Engineer (AMER and EMEA Time Zone)

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Ready to take your place building the future of digital assets? Are you passionate about the blockchain and the sweeping changes it is creating across the world? Do you store some of your wealth in digital assets? Do you believe that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain assets are beginning to facilitate a great wealth transfer?

Why? The Financial Crisis of 2008 changed everything. Wealth around the world was decimated. The US government stole money from Main Street to give to Wall Street. Governments have not stopped their reckless spending at the expense of its citizens. Central banks keep printing money, eroding purchasing power. The war on cash has just begun.

We believe these actions are causing consumers, businesses, and investment firms to seek a new asset class to invest and protect their wealth. The emergence of blockchain technology has created a movement to shift power back to the people to manage their own assets, with no banks, no brokers, or institutional oversight. We created Exodus for these visionaries, those who want to depart the legacy financial system to protect and create wealth for future generations.

Us. Exodus was started by Daniel Castagnoli and JP Richardson. Daniel has co-founded a number of other companies and is a master of emotional design - having previously designed experiences for Apple, BMW, Disney, Louis Vuitton, and Nike. JP has also co-founded a number of other companies and has published 150+ open source libraries - some of these are in use by most Bitcoin and cryptocurrency software on the web.

Job Description

Exodus Community Support Engineers (CSEs) build trust with customers by providing reliable, friendly, knowledgeable, and empathetic customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Do you like managing your own digital assets?
  • Do you enjoy problem-solving by reading and searching for answers?
  • Do you love helping others and teaching your friends about all facets of cryptocurrencies?

If you answered yes to these questions, read on.. Exodus receives hundreds of emails and chat messages daily from customers learning about digital assets. As an Exodus CSE, you will connect and form relationships with customers through email and social media. We are looking for candidates in the AMER Time Zone (English Speaking) and the EMEA Time Zone and for some candidates who are bilingual in Russian and English.

What You Will Do

  • Assist users in navigating the intricacies of managing digital assets.
  • Create and maintain support articles in our Knowledge Base to address common customer questions.
  • Create above-and-beyond customer service experiences that surprise and delight.
  • Use problem-solving abilities to resolve unique customer problems.
  • Contribute actively to the team by providing candid and useful feedback that assists in building out the Customer Support team infrastructure to help make Exodus better.
  • Infrastructure projects as assigned.

Who You Are

  • You have amazing written English skills including proper grammar and punctuation.
  • You empathize with customers on even the simplest of problems.
  • You understand the basics of how digital assets work including security, confirmations, block times, network fees, etc.
  • You are inquisitive and love troubleshooting to find an answer.
  • You have a general knowledge of computers and are familiar with your own OS.
  • You know the importance of securing your digital assets, and you use security best practices.
  • You have excellent references and a history of established relationships in former careers.
  • You take responsibility for your actions.
  • Bonus points for speaking other languages, particularly Mandarin.

Characteristics We Look For, Straight from our own Team

  • You take Initiative. We all tend to wear different hats from time to time, so we encourage trying out new things.
  • You're Passionate. Exodus is not just a job, it’s a mission.
  • You're Empathetic. Having the ability to give and receive feedback with empathy is instrumental in individual growth and company growth.

What We Offer

  • The freedom to work wherever you are in the world.
  • A chance to participate in building the future. Working in crypto gives you the opportunity to be a part of the next major technology wave in application technology and personal finance.
  • A collaborative and feedback-driven culture where your voice matters and any employee can help bring about change and improvement.
  • The opportunity to grow. The sky is the limit if you're hungry to succeed.
  • Fair pay, no matter where you live.
  • Competitive compensation package.

Salary and Payment

Exodus Community Support Engineers make between 45k - 65k+ USD. All salaries are paid in Bitcoin. Below are general salary guidelines.

Starting salaries are 45k-55k:

45k : You have impressive written English and grammar abilities, and have done customer support in the past. You are empathetic and know how to connect with users on an emotional level. You are knowledgeable about blockchain assets and have strong problem-solving abilities. You are self-driven and eager to help optimize operational processes and procedures. 55k : Tenured customer support wizard via email, live chat and video conference. You have a very strong grasp of blockchain assets and security and can explain complicated concepts to customers with varying levels of expertise. You also have leadership abilities and will own the current customer service experience, working to optimize the experience and produce measurable improvement. It is likely you understand basic programming + HTML/CSS and can create self-help support documents. You also enjoy mentoring, educating and motivating other team members.

Our Hiring Process

At Exodus, we pride ourselves on hiring people from all around the world. We also work with individuals from various backgrounds; some traditional and some a bit more unconventional.

Our hiring process focuses on 2 pillars.

  • Efficiency. You can expect the process to take about two weeks. We know what it’s like to wait several weeks for a recruiter to get back to you and we want to be respectful of your time.
  • Transparency. We anticipate you asking questions and will answer with transparency and respect.

We are committed to shaping a better world and have built our team based on empathy, radical candor, initiative, and humility.

Overall, our goal is that you have a great candidate experience with us.

To be considered for this position, you must complete the Exodus Community Support Engineer Test found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LBzTMf-LtVBYtmuI4ka_3yh4ckdPlZ0dFyfrQDRg-GA/edit

Please apply to this role on our application page: AMER Time Zone- https://www.exodus.io/careers/#community-support-engineer-(amer-time-zone) EMEA Time Zone - https://www.exodus.io/careers/#community-support-engineer-(emea) EMEA Time Zone (Russian Speaking)- https://www.exodus.io/careers/#community-support-engineer-(russian-speaking---emea-time-zone)

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Posted on May 07, 2020

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