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POSTED Dec 04, 2017
Rudy Ferraz, One Car Payment
Rudy Ferraz Dec 04, 2017
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Job Description

“Come join a company that will change the automotive industry like Tesla did…”

NOTE: This position is Equity Stake / co-Founder ONLY in lieu of a salary!!

One Car Payment™ platform is an A.I. / Blockchain driven payment services provider in the Automotive FinTech space. We’re looking for an experienced Compliance Admin to join our team in all 50 states. We are looking for a guru to join our team and who is a leader. One who is passionate about building world-class, highly scalable Automotive FinTech services.

This position is open in ALL 50 States - you must be located near or travel to the state capital!

All About you

Qualified candidates will share our passion for great customer service and have the drive to go above and beyond the minimum standard. The Compliance Admin will assist the CCO: Chief Compliance Officer on all federal and state-level regulations for our automotive finance and insurance services and products in the consumer and commercial markets.

The key responsibilities for this position include developing, planning world class leading compliance programs across internal departments and working with across external markets. Working with all federal and state level counterparts in the financial and insurance markets.

Responsibilities driving the ball

  • Provides guidance, and support to promote compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of annual compliance plans for all business units.
  • Develops and maintains policies and procedures that support compliance efforts throughout the organization. -Develops, coordinates and conducts educational programs on compliance and privacy for employees, managers, and staff.
  • Oversees compliance with the Conflict of Interest Policy and responsible for maintaining a confidential/anonymous reporting system, including a telephone help line, to allow reporting of suspected noncompliance or incidents of fraud and abuse, and adopting procedures to protect anonymity and protect complainants from retaliation.
  • Coordinates personnel issues with the human resources department when identified during compliance activities.
  • Maintains a record of all reports of suspected compliance issues, or fraud and abuse.
  • Develops -mechanisms for communicating changes in applicable laws and regulations or changes in the Code of Conduct to affected individuals.
  • Conduct audits to ensure we are in full compliance with regulatory guidelines.
  • Ensures timely responses to requests, inquiries, and/or investigations by regulatory agencies.
  • Monitors changes in state and federal laws or rules affecting the financial and insurance industry.
  • Reports compliance risks and potential violations to the Senior Management and the Board.
  • Develops corrective action plans and monitors progress to such plans. Interacts with senior managers, legal counsel, Board members, and committee members.
  • Researches, investigates, and analyzes compliance and privacy issues and renders professional advice to business areas and/or legal counsel.
  • Reviews areas previously audited to confirm that corrective action or recommendation(s) have been implemented.
  • Prepares reports of compliance program activities and results for senior management, the compliance committee, and Board committees.
  • Directs and manages personnel of compliance department.
  • Demonstrates the ability to lead and work effectively within teams comprised of subordinates, peers, supervisors and external parties.
  • Exhibits effective oral and written communication skills.

Your Skills & Our Requirements

  • Required weekly Sunday team conference call (project status, new app dev, team dev) -Constant communication with remote co-founders & colleagues. (Stack, Asana)
  • Work remotely with a minimum of 15 to 25+ hours per week with the CCO and team.
  • 3+ years Experience with all federal, state, and local compliance regulations that affect the business operations.
  • 3+ years Experience working in the banking and insurance industries [big a plus].
  • 3+ years Experience with all financial and insurance industry standards and practices preferred.
  • Strong communication, analytical, research, investigational and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment screening which includes an extensive criminal background check, MVR, and drug testing.
  • There are always exceptions, and we hire exceptional individuals, so nothing on this list is strictly required. However, if many of these skills sound like you, then you are probably a damn good fit for our team. Please send a link[s] to your current portfolio of web/mobile designs, and a PDF copy of your cv/resume to resumeatonecarpaymentdotcom.

About One Car Payment™

One Car Payment™ builds an application that helps consumers become free from the financial pitfalls of car ownership. Our products allow anyone to own any car they want, really – why drive a plain car when you really want to drive a car you love to drive. Our mindset is to help consumers become financially stable in owning their car. Why waste 20-60% of your salary to own a car?

Company Perks

  • Early stage equity (pre-VC /Angel Investor)
  • Flexible hours (min 15 to 25 hrs+)
  • Remote work (why travel to work, work from home)
  • Work with co-workers are PASSIONATE & FANATICAL about what we do
  • One Car Payment™ is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Extremely Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of Any Kind. - Don’t spread the hate, spread the power of love.

NOTE: If you represent an app development or recruitment company, PLEASE DO NOT apply or send us emails. We will not accept any proposals submitted.

Salary range

Equity 0.25% to 1.0%

This job has expired

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