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April 30, 2021
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The Commons Stack is a non-profit organization and open-source community. We are building a world where public goods are valued and protected by the communities that use them. Our current economic paradigm incentivizes the exploitation of the environment and systemically undervalues open-source contributions, open research, the environment, and every other effort to address our collective needs. 

We firmly believe we can create economic systems that can counteract this effect and reward value creation that creates abundance and prosperity for the collective good, in addition to individual benefit - and we are uniquely positioned to make this a reality. 

The Commons Stack is building a library of open-source blueprints for engineering these economies, and is dedicated to supporting the communities that want to build them.

We are currently looking for an experienced marketing professional for a content distribution and social media manager role to support our mission.

Job Description

The Commons Stack is Hiring!


๐ŸŽญ The Role

We are looking for an experienced, self-starter and superstar to join our communications team. We are seeking a highly motivated professional to lead our content distribution and social media strategy, processes, content campaigns, as well as support in optimizing our communications platforms and related projects. 

The goal is to build on existing processes to expand the distribution and publishing process of our research and content library. We are looking to the distribution lead to optimize distribution to our current subscription list, grow that list, and suggest creative ways to repurpose content to share in more formats. This role will also be tasked with identifying influencers and other organizations who are aligned with our mission, and leverage partnerships to build distribution networks and identify opportunities to amplify our message, and the message of ecosystem partners. In addition, this position will help us to expand our coordination and promotional efforts across several research initiatives, and support other mission aligned, open-source and public goods projects in our ecosystem.

The content distribution and social media manager will work closely with Communication leads and the Ecosystem Development Director to iteratively improve on existing processes, identify challenges and find solutions, automate manual processes and help to build the brand, community, ecosystem and exciting upcoming projects.

๐ŸŽซ The Right Stuff


  • Basic blockchain technology / cryptocurrency / Web 3.0 knowledge and previous experience working in the field, with a strong alignment to our mission    
  • 1+ years experience working in a professional marketing / communications position or internship, with digital content management experience
  • 1+ years experience in a social media position, ideally with knowledge of a scheduling suite like CoSchedule/Buffer/Hootsuite
  • Must be a native level English speaker
  • Significant experience managing the entire content creation workflow from concept to release with excellent organizational, project planning, and project management skills.
  • Highly tech savvy with the ability to work effectively with a variety of content-creation software
  • Superior writing and editing skills with a demonstrable ability to distill complex ideas into clear, actionable guidance
  • Comfort with enforcing branding and style standards and providing diplomatic feedback and edits to others’ work
  • Must have experience with screen recording technology, or be willing to learn


  • Work well in a self-management team: great personal time management
  • A hands-on doer who loves wearing multiple hats, jumping in, and taking initiative to identify and create solutions
  • Positive attitude and willingness to learn
  • A good sense of humor


  • Graphic design & animation skills
  • Proficiency in other languages
  • Programming skills
  • Meme skills

๐Ÿฅผ The Work

  • Communication Strategy: 
      • Align distribution plans with overall strategy & mission 
      • Join weekly communications call to share project progress and creative ideas 
      • Continuously improve content planning & identify automation opportunities to reduce overhead & admin attention cost
      • Write briefings for writers, designers & other media creators
      • Evaluate operational workflow for efficiency and scalability; identify challenges and provide innovative solutions
      • Effectively utilize data to support business goals
  • Content Distribution & Outreach 
      • Develop processes and systems (both human and technological) to create, manage, and distribute content.
      • Create a content calendar for campaign management and planning the release of new materials and new products to internal and external stakeholders.
      • Facilitate bringing all content to our primary audiences via Twitter, Medium, Youtube and our website.
      • Publishing of Commons Stack related content via Twitter specifically, replying where needed, liking, and retweeting relevant content.
      • Publishing new articles on our Medium publication and keeping our Medium homepage up-to-date and well-organized 
      • Recording, editing and publishing videos on our Youtube Channel, and keeping our homepage up-to-date and well-organized 
      • Supporting updates to our website  
  • Content editing 
      • Act as final quality assurance for all program materials, ensuring our content is accurate, on brand, culturally
      • Make sure all content is aligned with the written voice of the Commons Stack 
      • Review, rewrite and approve outward-facing content (website, medium posts, newsletters, social media)
      • Guarantee all content is easy to find & tagged correctly in all places
  • Community management & ecosystem opportunities
      • Be a knowledgeable and welcoming ambassador in our various channels 
      • Engage with the community on a daily basis, stimulate the discussion by posting relevant content, a.o. our own social media posts
      • Reward contributing community members by dishing Praise on a regular basis and managing the process
      • Develop strong relationships with content partners to enable wider reach & develop content sharing and influencer networks
  • Active core team member 
    • Participate actively in horizontal management during weekly and monthly team calls
    • Manage work via issues in GitHub
    • Be a brand ambassador at events and on personal social media
    • Join relevant calls in the wider ecosystem and share learnings

๐Ÿ’Ž Work Hours & Benefits

  • Fully remote job
  • This position is part-time with the opportunity to expand to full-time, based on job requirements and performance reviews after an initial 90-day probationary period
  • Working with a highly talented, diverse and passionate team
  • Being on the forefront of pioneering research and development to proliferate commons economies in some of the highest leverage impact work to affect global change
  • Opportunity to regularly attend team meetups during blockchain-focused events (when they resume) all over the world and 24/7 availability of our hacker house in Barcelona
  • The standard pay for all Commons Stack team members is 100 DAI/day (Full-time to be pro-rated for part-time. Payment and accountability is done via the Giveth DApp.
  • Receive salary in cryptocurrency

๐Ÿ“š Learn More About The Commons Stack

You can learn more about the Commons Stack by checking out our website, Medium and YouTube, joining our Discord or Telegram and following us on Twitter

๐ŸŒฑ Apply

If you are 

  1. passionate about changing the world
  2. find resonance with our work
  3. think you have the experience that could be a perfect fit for this role

Send your resume, cover letter that includes some brief examples of your work, and for bonus points - a 30sec-1min video introducing yourself and why you are interested to work at the Commons Stack to:

Ecosystem Development & Special Projects Director, Jessica Zartler, at ¯\\_(ใƒ„)_/¯ by May 15 to be considered for this position.

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Posted on April 30, 2021

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