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Cryptocurrency Technical Analyst

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October 18, 2021
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At Infinite Capital, we focus on investing at the bleeding-edge. Seeking technological inflection points, with a focus on cryptocurrency and deep tech.

Job Description

We are looking for a skilled Technical Analyst who will both head our in-depth research, technical analysis, and project deep dives.

Skills include programming abilities, cryptography familiarity, and familiarity with the cryptocurrency ecosystem. You would have a thirst and curiosity with regards to researching the industry. Additionally, you will use statistical and modeling tactics to understand the blockchain and related datasets, unearth insights, and build advanced metrics and analytics.

You will also maintain and develop our market research strategy and collect any necessary data needed for both internal and external use.


• Write and publish crypto market research reports

• Collect and sort through data to present insights and findings.

• Thorough research of upcoming tech and trends within the crypto/defi/NFT market landscape.

• Foster a strong attention to detail when evaluating trends and datasets.

• Interact with internal data team and industry professionals to collect market intelligence and information.

• Proactively stay up to date about market trends, opportunities, risks and new projects, with a passion for the cryptocurrency/defi industry.

• Stay up to date concerning market trends, risks and opportunities, new projects, and competitor news


• Technical background, self-taught or degree in computer science, cryptography or other relevant fields

• Experience in or with the crypto industry

• Familiarity with creating and managing smart contracts

• Familiarity with Solidity, or a willingness tolearn hands-on

• Demonstrable experience of working on a role relating to technical paper writing and research

• Strong technical computer science analysis

• Strong analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of existing blockchain industry

• Experience with data modeling, statistics, and visualization techniques, including familiarity with stock or currency modeling techniques

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Posted on October 18, 2021

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