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Indorse is a decentralized professional network, with a focus on coding assessments. We are headquartered in Singapore with an office in the United Kingdom as well. We work with several SMEs and Enterprise clients in South East Asia, Europe and India. We are looking for an experienced Blockchain Engineer to build cutting-edge blockchain applications and protocols.

The Indorse platform is built using Node.js, HTML, CSS & jQuery, ReactJS, web3.js and Solidity. Our stack is deployed using additional tools such as docker, lambda serverless functions and AWS infrastructure.

We are a fully distributed team, and most of us work remotely full-time. This role is a remote-first role, and we also have a flexible work culture.

Job Description


  • Contribute to the frontend app development (React)
  • Develop smart contracts & decentralized applications
  • Write end-to-end unit and integration tests.
  • Establish and maintain the environments in which blockchain solutions can be implemented, including development, testing, and production environments
  • Work with internal blockchain research teams to evaluate the latest developments and suitability for use in the Indorse platform.
  • Collaborate closely with the development and product teams to ensure successful delivery.


  • You should have at least one year of experience developing Dapps (Decentralized apps) using technologies and frameworks like Solidity, Truffle, Infura, Geth, or other blockchain platforms and technologies.
  • Experience with Javascript/ReactJS


  • Experience with continuous integration and deployment tools such as CircleCI, Jenkins, etc
  • We believe strongly in agile delivery practices, having implemented them for ourselves and our clients to great success. You should be very comfortable working with Agile, Lean and Continuous Delivery practices.
  • You should be knowledgeable about blockchain technology in general and specifically Ethereum, have experience of building on top of the web3 stack

Programming Languages / Frameworks: ReactJS, Solidity
Database experience: MongoDB


  • Exposure to new languages, frameworks and ideas at the bleeding edge of technology and the blockchain space.
  • Deep technical challenges. If you enjoy building and testing things that have never been built before, then this role is right up your street.
  • Collaborate and communicate all you want. Our world is flat, and we are strictly against 'cubicle culture'.
  • Get hooked up with the best hardware and software you need to produce your best work.
  • Work with some amazing talent in the tech space. Learn, share and then learn more.
  • Work in a remote-first company
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Posted on January 30, 2021

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