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April 10, 2021
Blockdynamics jobs

Blockdynamics is a Hong Kong-based crypto analytics startup. We use big data analysis to map and understand the activity on crypto networks, in particular Bitcoin and Ethereum. This provides investors with relevant trigger signals, crypto exchanges with the tools for anti-money laundering compliance, and regulators with the means for market oversight. With this data-driven approach, we aim to provide cutting edge research and insights to the blockchain community as a whole. Our team has engineers from top world universities such as UC Berkeley and ETH Zürich. 

Our Goals :
- Become world’s top Bitcoin Analytics services provider
- Develop an Bitcoin Analytics Product which will leverage the knowledge & data we gain from our consulting services.

Why join us ?
* We are a ambitious and open-minded startup. You make the rules as long as it serves our goals.
* Work from wherever you like. 
* Know a better way to achieve the same goal ? We encourage dissent and have a horizontal work culture.
* Have a stake in the startup. Every long term employee gets stock options.

Job Description

We are looking for a skilled data scientist or data analyst that has a passion for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Your task would be to use SQL and Data Science to process and understand the bitcoin transaction data. You will help us classify the bitcoin wallets in categories (Exchanges, Darknets, Mining pools, etc), and help us make interesting statistics and graphs about on-chain activity. You will also lead the development of Analytics contracts and present progress to our clients. This research activity helps our clients, in particular other analytics firms and financial regulators, understand Bitcoin activities, fight money laundering and increase trust in the crypto ecosystem.

The job is : 

  • Immediate Start
  • Fully Remote
  • At least 25 hours per week

(Required) You need to have:

  • Strong Interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency analytics
  • Very solid SQL skills (Large part of your work will involve deeply nested SQL queries)
  • An analytical mind and capacity to independently solve complex problems
  • 2+ years experience in Python, Java, Go or C++
  • Strong experience in Data analysis and visualization
  • Excellent English, written and spoken


  • Used Cloud Compute services before ( GCP Bigquery, Cloud SQL, AWS Athena, ..)
  • Worked with Software involving Bitcoin transactions in the past
  • Have an understanding of the Bitcoin UTXO transaction model
  • Have a detailed understanding of how cryptocurrency exchanges work (Hotwallets, Coldwallets, Deposit wallets, etc)
  • If you come from a Top 100 University (according to ARWU, THE, or QS rankings), then we can sponsor a visa for you to work in Hong Kong and your salary gets subsidized, so we can pay you more. Please mention it in your application, this will increase your chances !


  • Flexible Work Culture
  • Job is 100% remote (our startup is distributed) and hours are flexible - Work from anywhere
  • Join an already experience Bitcoin Analytics team and learn with them
  • Work directly with the founder and clients
  • Ability to take customer facing roles and evolve towards Lead Data Scientist, CTO, or Product Manager

 If you think you are a good fit for this job, fill out the online questionnaire (see link "Apply Now") to fill out so we can evaluate the fit better. Looking forward to your applications !

Edit: The kind of research we make (and you will make) are similar to those, but for Bitcoin: Note that Machine Learning skills is preferrable but not strictly necessary. Your most important qualities have to be 1) able to dive deep in R&D complex SQL tasks. 2) propose interesting research directions relevant to the crypto ecosystem.

๐Ÿ“† Full-time
๐Ÿค” Other engagement types
โœˆ๏ธ Paid Relocation
๐Ÿ›‚ Visa Sponsor
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Posted on April 10, 2021

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