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We solve an intractable problem of liquidity crunch of ETH2 facing from thundering DeFi protocol yield quest, by turning it into a stable yield base for them to build on top layers of financial services. It enables access to almost the entire gamut of traditional fixed-income market product capabilities via a simple developer-friendly API model, abstracting away banking's grungy aspects, including regulatory constraints and audits.

That's just how lazy we are to say about cool things we are doing, that's why we need a person who could tell our story in a much more simplified manner, come join us and let's change the world for a better inclusive one.

Job Description

We are looking for an enthusiastic writer who has a way with words explaining complex things in a storytelling manner. Also, you will be advocating a new open financial world through decentralized finance that brings GenZ and millennials’ dreams to reality. We are a company that is in pursuit to provide Universal Basic Savings for all in USD for anyone, from anywhere, at any time, all just on an internet connection.


Working remotely, you’ll compose medium articles, Reddit, for elucidating and evangelizing our product offering.


This is an opportunity to take your writing to the next level with a flair of creativity, work with an awesome crypto team.


We pay in Crypto only!



Plain English writing skills, no-frills, no complex verbiage

Able to communicate with young DeFi crowd

Deep defi enthusiast and some financial knowledge

Hands-on experience of interacting with Crypto Twiter of deFi

Ability to write in a simplified language and edit meticulously

📍 Anywhere with an internet connection
🌎 Remote
💬 Community
We pay in crypto
👔 Contractor
👶 Intern
🤔 Other engagement types
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Posted on January 02, 2021

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