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DeFi, Solidity Lead Engineer

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Nomisma (www.nomisma.one) provides a liquid, MiFID II regulated, non-custodial derivative trading venue for institutional clients (hedge funds, market makers, proprietary and institutional traders) in the digital asset sector. Our MTF license is the first in Europe to enable the regulated exchange of “derivatives on any digital assets, including payment, utility, and security tokens.” We currently support vanilla options, exotic derivatives, structured products, lending, margin, and spot.

Our matching engine is infused with unique liquidity enhancements, whereby we are the first exchange globally (in any asset class) with this IP. We have a 50% - 20x volume advantage (depending on the orderbook configuration) compared to off-the-shelf derivatives matching engines. Our technical architecture is a centralized/decentralized hybrid with off-chain matching and on-chain collateral management and settlement. Our on-chain architecture is written in Solidity and operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

Nomisma’s lead investor is one of the world’s largest market makers, Susquehanna International Group (SIG). The founding and management team is composed of world-class industry leaders predominantly from Goldman Sachs with PhDs from Harvard, Cornell, ETH Zürich, and UChicago.

Job Description

Job Description


Success in this role is driven by two competencies: 1) deep experience with smart contract development particularly on Ethereum and 2) comprehensive knowledge of the DeFi sector as a whole.


Your overarching goal is to seek market opportunities within DeFi and seize those opportunities leveraging both the company’s assets and open source code from existing protocols. The day-to-day work would involve a combination of architectural design, writing Solidity code, and reading about new developments in DeFi. You would be expected to develop a deep understanding of the technical and financial inner workings of every relevant protocol. It’s critical that you have deep expertise in smart contract development because you will be writing code daily as part of a codebase with 9,000 LOC of Solidity. You will also be leading an experienced team of Solidity developers. This expertise should not only include Solidity, but knowledge of Yul (1 level “below”) and layer 2 scalability solutions (1 level “above”). Your knowledge and perspective of existing DeFi protocols should be rooted in a solid understanding of finance and financial markets.



  • Understand the market value and technical implementation of all relevant DeFi protocols
  • Architect and implement “trustless” solutions to complex problems, many of which need algorithms high in space and time complexity. The solutions do not necessarily need to be on-chain.
  • Drive the conceptualization, design and development of a complex financial services product in coordination quants, strats, traders, and regulatory experts
  • Employ test-driven development methodology for high-quality and scalable code
  • Provide technical leadership and mentorship to other members of the team
  • Provide support for systems already in production and refactoring to increase stability and scalability
  • Work with Quality Assurance team to prioritize and resolve defects and issues
  • Perform benchmarks and be able to choose the right technology based on requirements




  • 18+ months Solidity development.
  • 10+ years development in a backend language.
  • Experience with Truffle / Ganache framework.
  • In-depth understanding of different components of Ethereum blockchain, e.g. differences in Solidity compiler versions, EVM, mempool vs storage, etc..
  • Solid understanding of cryptography primitives and working knowledge of seminal publications related to blockchain scalability
  • Solid software engineering fundamentals (e.g. data structures, algorithms, wide range of architectural design patterns).
  • Familiarity with problems in distributed systems and protocols to resolve them


Good To Have


  • Knowledge and understanding of financial products (options, structured finance, debt instruments)
  • Knowledge of structured products and OTC derivatives a plus
  • Professional Node.js experience
  • Good understanding of cryptography, especially zero-knowledge proofs
  • Experience with security and testing tools, e.g. Echidna, MythX, etc.
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Posted on January 24, 2021

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