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Valerian is hiring for POP Network
October 13, 2021
POP Network jobs

POP Network is building decentralized infrastructure for the Creator Economy. We help content creators and their communities make more money by streaming on a platform they actually own. This gives their fans better content and deeper relationships with the people they love. We do this using blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer streaming.

Job Description

POP Network is on the frontier exploring undiscovered country at the intersection of crypto and the Creator Economy. Being uncomfortable with and being able to thrive in the unknown is the most important requirement.

We’re looking for an individual who is both passionate about and well versed in the crypto space. This person should be able to execute the existing social media strategy with speed and efficiency while offering feedback based on analytical observations. We're a data-driven team and prize low-ego individuals, open collaboration, and minimum viable process to produce results.

In this role you will:

  • Write, schedule, and publish social media and email campaigns via HubSpot
  • Create social media graphics using Canva
  • Monitor and engage conversations across social media
  • Brainstorm and approve content with stakeholders
  • Provide analytics reports using various tools

You should have:

  • Proven experience as a Digital Marketer at a startup, preferably during the rapid team and business scaling phase
  • Excellent knowledge of the crypto ecosystem and a passion for creators and culture is a huge plus
  • Degree in marketing, psychology, sociology, or related field
  • Being able to take ownership with strong research and organizational skills
  • Ability to extract information from quantitative data and analyze it
  • Team player, excellent communication skills, positive attitude and great work ethic

If this describes you, then we'd love to hear from you!

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Posted on October 13, 2021

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