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Engineering Lead — Governance

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At Mirana Labs, our mission is to amplify the work being done to create unstoppable and permissionless financial transactions on the blockchain, including trading, lending, and creation of synthetic assets. We believe that decentralised finance (DeFi) technology will be majorly disruptive to traditional finance with no signup process, no middlemen approvals, no middleman execution. DeFi is likely to become a trillion dollar sector.

In joining us, you'll take part in transforming the way the financial infrastructure is developed, composed, and fortified. Founded in 2021, Mirana Labs has been established as a privately funded R&D center to develop BitDAO core protocols: governance and treasury management innovations to be used by DAOs.

Mirana will also build DeFi products, support ecosystem partners, incubate emerging DeFi projects, and support founders. Within two years Mirana Labs aims to recruit 100-200 people. Roles include: smart contract engineers, front end engineers, full stack engineers, dev ops, defi product managers, defi marketing and community managers, and various operations support roles.

We’re a remote-first company and will consider your application regardless of where you call home. 

Mirana Labs is part of the Mirana organization which participates in venture, incubation, asset management and algorithmic trading. We are privately funded with a mandate and budget to recruit the industry's top talent.

Job Description


As an Engineering Lead at Mirana Labs, you’ll report to one of our partners and lead 5-10 of the industry’s most talented engineers, tasked with ensuring that BitDAO remains the standard for decentralized organization, governance, and capital formation. You will be tasked to ensure the core governance suite remains flexible, and future-proof as decentralized financial markets begin to compete with traditional financial markets on a global scale. You'll oversee our core Governance team, responsible for providing the best possible development and decentralized execution practices built for the world’s leading DeFi protocols, DAOs, primitives, and crypto native institutions.

We hope the governance solutions we produce for BitDAO can be leveraged by the crypto community and future DAOs.

You will be responsible for managing team members from within Mirana and those that contribute directly from BitDAO itself. You will also be expected to help in hiring the best talent who have demonstrated their skills in open-source development.

From a product perspective, we celebrate IC-driven ownership, and we select leadership for their ability to collaborate on and align on company, team, and personal milestones; establish guardrails; empower autonomy; remove blockers; and oversee iteration.

From a human perspective, we value empathy, transparency, perseverance, emotional intelligence, intellectual horsepower, and a growth mindset; and we select leadership for their ability to foster a psychologically safe, upwardly mobile, and high-output/impact culture.


  • Lead, inspire, and grow our engineering teams, supporting them in achieving exceptional technical quality and inter/intra-team cohesion
  • Ensure individual accountability, personal growth, and advancement within the team
  • Drive engineering initiatives, including development roadmaps, timelines, repository stewardship, security processes, and community contributions
  • Engage regularly with key stakeholders to determine strategy and priorities
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with other teams, including engineering (internal and external), design, research, data science, product management, executive leadership, and recruiting
  • Maintaining a deep and current knowledge base of decentralized governance technologies, and understanding how to adapt projects where appropriate
  • Assist in hiring world-class talent
  • Steward and influence our early engineering culture


  • Strong technical background and 3+ years of experience in global remote-first engineering management
  • Understanding of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and/or crypto economic protocols
  • Adept at planning, prioritization, execution, and coaching
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to tailor messaging to a wide variety of audiences at differing levels of technical sophistication
  • Familiar with governance design tradeoffs, why crypto projects have chosen their governance designs, and how that affects DAO participation and development efficiency
  • Passion for the benefits of decentralization and the Mirana mission
  • The ability to learn and adapt to a rapidly evolving tech stack


  • From a top DeFi or crypto project
  • Familiarity with of Gnosis Snapshot / Snapsafe, Comp Bravo, OZ proxy contracts, Aragon and other decentralized governance mechanisms
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Posted on July 08, 2021

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