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Front-End Designer / Developer

POSTED Jun 06, 2018

RemoteRemote • Full-time

Yazin Alirhayim, Verify
Yazin Alirhayim Jun 06, 2018
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at Verify

๐Ÿ‘‹ Weโ€™re a small, funded team and weโ€™re growing quickly!

Verify Payments is an API-based solution that enables instant, low cost bank transfers anywhere in the world. We’re a small team that moves fast, with an ambitious plan to offer efficient real-time transfer of value, both locally and internationally. We operate 100% remotely.

Youโ€™ll be working with:

  • Yazin Alirhayim, CEO: Yazin previously started White Payments, later acquired by an Amazon subsidiary. He’ll make sure Verify grows fast and iterates quickly.
  • Ibrahim Mokdad, Biz Dev: Ibrahim previously co-founded Exa technologies an HPC based 3D rendering farm.

Weโ€™re both programmers, and weโ€™ll be working together on deploying early versions of the Verify Payments solution.
Be part of the first wave of blockchain-funded companies that solve real-world problems! ๐Ÿš€

Job Description

The Front-end Designer role is a fluid role that requires that you wear a lot of hats. If you were with us today, here are examples of things that you would work on:

- Create and implement beautiful interfaces for users to interact with (dashboards are an example).
- Translate plain textual idea to beautiful interactive ideas.
- Convert designs in your favorite design tool to optimized HTML/CSS/JS.

We expect you to be both a ๐Ÿ‘จ‍๐ŸŽจ designer AND a  ๐Ÿ’ป front-end developer.

Things we’re looking for:

  1. You love to learn
  2. You can’t resist a good challenge
  3. You get results

Give us examples of situations you’ve been through that demonstrate these 3 things. While we don’t require a fixed number of years of experience, we care about your track record.

When applying, remember:

  1. Show, don’t tell. Action speaks louder than words โ€“ and we want to see what you’ve built. Share your Design Portoflio, Github, demo links and live applications.
  2. Demonstrate results. Tell us about what you’ve done, not what you’d do.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Things EVERY application should include: ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

  • Link to your Dribbble / Behance portfolio
  • Link to your Github page

We havenโ€™t said much about how we work because youโ€™re going to be the first full-time front-end hire at the company. Youโ€™ll be shaping the processes that future hires will follow.

Salary range

40,000 - 99,000 USD

This job has expired

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