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Full-Stack DApp Developer

POSTED Jan 12, 2018

Anna Meleschik, Altoros Development
Anna Meleschik Jan 12, 2018
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Job Description

Altoros is looking for a Full-Stack Ethereum DApp Developer to work in our new division —

ProtoFire works exclusively with entrepreneurs who are building decentralized infrastructure protocols, developer platforms, and applications. We also enable our customers to accelerate the growth of their ecosystems. By providing hands-on coding and contributions, ProtoFire specializes in supercharging developer adoption and network usage.

Building disruptive products take vision, innovation, passion, technical ability, a drive to deliver, as well as collaboration and execution. In a nutshell, we need great people, who strive for excellence and have a track record of success! We are looking for candidates who “think out of the box”, are not risk averse and want to build products that will change the world. We aspire to provide a working environment, culture and leadership team that inspires greatness on a daily basis offering great challenges, transparency, ownership, and integrity.


Desired Skills



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