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POSTED Nov 21, 2018

Berlin, Germany   📆 Full-time

Paul Claudius, BlockState
Paul Claudius Nov 21, 2018
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at BlockState

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BlockState’s modular infrastructure reduces operational costs and streamlines processes for financial institutions by providing a technological and legal bridge between blockchain technology and financial markets.

Job Description

Work as part of our globally distributed engineering team with IT, Product, Marketing and Business Development teams to define, develop, and deliver best-
in class fintech solutions. Become an essential member of this disciplined, cross-functional engineering group, coordinating and consulting on work across skill sets and functions. Flat business hierarchies allow you to excel and bring in your ideas when challenges are to be tackled. Focusing on Blockstate’s technical side, you will shape the architecture that set our products apart from our competitors. You will care about efficiency, maintainability and scalability by designing and implementing code and deployment schemes that truly show our innovative approach. Help us clearing the road towards the revolution of financial markets.

Required domain knowledge

Container technologies like docker and deployment on cloud providers, e.g., Google Cloud Engine
Knowledge on scalability – how to write code that is scalable and easy to maintain
Experience in object-oriented programming with Go, our main backend programming language
Knowledge about the specialties when interacting with web services. Some of our data sourcing includes web technologies that require an understanding of network technologies
Ideally you have some experience with Microsoft Exchange Online administration, because we have our E-Mails hosted there
Our Stack
Go for our backend
Web3 for interactions with the Ethereum blockchain
Modern software engineering practices (TDD / CI / CD etc)
Distributed Cloud Services and containerization tools like Docker

In order to excel

Be a team player but remember your job: You’ll need to be very comfortable working day-to-day as part of a development team, shipping code
Be a leader for freelancers and agencies that help us with our work.
Be accountable and own the outcomes; Blockstate’s software runs operations for major financial markets worldwide. It must scale. You are supporting that effort
Understand our products completely: you’ll be the expert on the enterprise capability of our platforms. You’ll be able to talk about our products at a business level too. What problems do they solve?
Have a detailed awareness of our priorities, both as a business and at the individual product level. Develop your test plans with that firmly in mind
Remember your mission: Your group is responsible for creating an environment in which software performance and scalability are integral to the development process, so you must think about how to get your software engineer colleagues on board
Be ‘all in’: Fix broken things. Take the load off others when they need help. Reject second best
Understand the cost/benefit trade-offs being made. Articulate the risk and reward to help Engineering discover the right balance. Don’t be shy to speak up when you think a decision does not make sense

What we offer

A market-ready salary with a full-time German employment contract including salary and tokens
A relaxed and supportive team and the opportunity to learn from experts in their fields
An office in Berlin-Mitte, free drinks and regular team events
Remote work is possible, but for the majority of time we will need you in the office

Salary range


This job has expired

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