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POSTED Sep 25, 2018

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Aayush Srivastava, Startereum
Aayush Srivastava Sep 25, 2018
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at Startereum

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Startereum is looking for an engineer who can lead the platform development process in close coordination with existing product, user experience and the growth leads. Multiple technical advisors are already associated with the project and can provide guidance and advice to the engineer on developing the product platform and integrating token functionality into the platform. The role is based in South Delhi.

For more information on our product architecture and tech stack please visit our repository on Github. Trello Product Roadmap:

Job Description

Key Requirements of the Role

  • 3-5 years experience in full stack software development using Node.js, React and PostGres.
  • Passionate about blockchain technology, computer networking, data structures, decentralized technologies, algorithms, cryptography, data security.
  • Basic understanding of and interest in ICOs, Wallets, Tokens on Ethereum and other blockchain platforms.
  • Exposure to blockchain technologies, SHA 256 algorithm, basic cryptographic algorithm, distributed computing principal, consensus algorithm, two general paradox, FLP impossibility proof, paxos.
  • Experience on smart contract and solidity, development tools for Ethereum (testrpc, geth, Web3, eth light wallet etc).
  • Effective communication skills to work in close coordination with business leads and other engineers, both internal and external.
  • Tech research and problem solving approach, alongside effective documentation and repository management capabilities.

Key Benefits of the Role

  • We are building a highly Interactive, engagement heavy platform with token engagement. The aim is to assemble a network of high-performing devs alongside creating an inhouse tech team. You contribute to code which is open-source and goes to help best projects based on our TWR ranking mechanism.
  • This is a uniquely designed opportunity for devs to work with a cool global team committed to building a sticky product for worldwide adoption. As part of the team you’d get access to strong tech advisory from a global network the core team has already established.
  • The role offers autonomy alongside responsibility. The role involves front end, backend and smart contracts layer design and integration as well as building for scale and the rapid integration of new products and features over time.
  • Engineer will enjoy vested access to token allocations alongside other core members and founders of Startereum.
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