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Pascal is hiring for Jarvis Network
September 13, 2020

Jarvis Network is a set of trustless and non-custodial peer-to-contract trading protocols om Ethereum. Users can deposit their stablecoin to gain long or short exposure on various market and assets, against liquidity pools. 


We are building two protocols, leveraging from UMA, AAVE, ALEPH, IPFS, CHAINLINK. 

Job Description

We are looking for a top Defi-native Solidity Dev to help us shopping our synthetic asset protocol built on the top of UMA. 


About the protocol

  • no on-chain price feed (priceless framework from UMA)
  • liquidity pool ala Synthetix built on the top of UMA 
  • collateralized by USDC (this allows easy integration with fiat on/off-ramp, leverage from USDC liquidity, easy integration with Aave etc.)
  • capital-efficiency, users do not need to overcollateralize their position, they are backed by the liquidity pools (user brings 100%, liquidity pool brings 50%)
  • liquidity provider can be market neutral using our other protocol (trustless off-chain perpetuals)
  • burn and mint mechanism ala Synthetix (no slippage, etc.)
  • off-chain matching engine ala 0x to match users deposits with liquidity pools one (node need to stake $JRT)


Code and dapp

  • https://gitlab.com/jarvis-network/smart-contracts/synthereum
  • https://kovan.jarvis.exchange/ on Kovan with EUR, CHF, GBP, OIL, GOLD, SILVER, SP500


Our vision

  • client-facing app (we have a very large community of trader) for trading/investing with synthetic assets
  • integration within dex aggregator to swap any ERC20 to USDC and then to mint any synthetic assets 
  • money market with Aave to borrow/lend synthetic fiat, commodities etc.
  • integration within tokenset, melon, and creation of fully automated Vault ala yEarn to farm with EUR, CHF etc. exposure 
  • Arb opportunities with Synthetix, StableCredit, etc. 
  • empowering community all over the world by providing them any fiat; already in touch with people in SA, Poland, Switzerland, to launch synthetic local fiat
  • integration with some CEX to provide an interface to our protocol (allowing a customer of a CEX to interact with our protocol from the exchange wallet)
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Posted on September 13, 2020

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