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POSTED May 25, 2018

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Barbie Elsasser, MARKET Protocol
Barbie Elsasser May 25, 2018
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at MARKET Protocol

MARKET Protocol is a small team of industry experts creating a decentralized protocol to enable derivative trading on the Ethereum blockchain. The founding team has worked together for seven years managing an algorithmic trading desk before changing their focus to blockchain technology at the end of 2016. The protocol has been developed in an open source, community-driven environment. This has many advantages, and we need candidates who are enthusiastic about operating in a β€œpublic by default” mode.

Work in Blockchain:
Centralized exchanges have fundamental issues around security, custody of funds. MARKET as protocol infrastructure addresses many issues with traditional centralized exchanges including security, custody of funds, exchange solvency and access controls. MARKET allows users to initiate short positions or hedge token price without borrowing or locating the underlying token. MARKET is designed to be trustless and decentralized with no single decision maker, all position management and settlement happen on chain.

Problems we are addressing:
Blockchain businesses and utility-token-driven projects need a way to decouple price volatility from utility.
The entire crypto assets market is in a bubble; we have limited short sellers. Efficient markets require speculative short sellers; with no easy way to profit from a decline in price we are fundamentally flawed.
We cannot get exposure cross-chain or off-chain with ERC20 assets and taking custody is generally a problem.
Ironically, ERC20 assets have limited utility. You can barely spend them let alone gain their utility. MARKET allows these ERC20 assets to be put to work as collateral for investment in other relationships.
Centralized exchanges have significant custody of funds and security issues and control access to trading.
All other DEX applications are ERC20 to ERC20.

Blockchain Centric – We are a Blockchain Focused Business

Job Description

Manage and organize internal development team, as well as open source community contributors
Create and maintain quality of code guidelines for contributors and implement solutions to maintain these guidelines
Interact directly with technical founders to assist in carrying out development roadmap and vision
Scale internal development team, evaluate candidates, and make key hires
Collaborate to ensure correct architecture as our protocol scales and launches by year end
Engage non-technical community around project

Required Experience:
Interest in blockchain technology and open source community development
Proven track record of building, scaling, and managing development teams
Familiarity with Git, and specifically managing workflow and issues via GitHub
Experience with testing and continuous integration
Ability to help with deployment and scaling of our web app using AWS
Experience with JavaScript
Potential to create a work environment that attracts top tech talent

Desired Experience:
Understanding of Ethereum, Solidity, React, Web3, TypeScript, FIX
Background in financial markets, specifically derivatives trading
Knowledge of the decentralized exchange ecosystem and trading of cryptocurrencies
Expertise in managing open source projects
Proximity to Boulder, CO

Please send cover letter, resume, and applicable links (GitHub, social media, blog, etc) to

Salary range


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May 25, 2018 πŸ‘ 5
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