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Head of Marketing | Content Writer

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We plan to launch a DeFI project on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) focusing on Yield Farming. We aim to bring something unique to Yield farming that will offer better yields for our farmers.

Job Description

We are for an experienced DeFi writer to create unique content. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a passion for the blockchain industry and will be able to come up with creative content angles.
This is a full-time, fully-remote role. Submissions without a portfolio will not be considered. It's essential that the candidate can simplify complex ideas/concepts in a professionally written format to an average user. 
  • In-depth knowledge of DeFi is required;
  • Knowledge and experience with Binance Smart Chain is required;
  • Experience in creating professional illustration designs would be a PLUS;
  • Past writing experience in yield farming or any other DeFi products is a PLUS;
  • The candidate will need to be able to thoroughly understand and explain the ins and outs of our project.
Job Duties will include:
  1. Working on the FAQs
  2. Create new Content ideas
  3. Working on the Whitepaper
  4. Creating Partnership article's on Medium
  5. Creating Announcement article's on Medium
  6. Build brand image and credibility of the product
  7. Analyze current trends in DeFi and Yield Farming
  8. Creating weekly Community updates on Medium
  9. Creating and maintaining documentation on Gitbook
  10. Creating How-To-Guides for both Medium and Gitbook
  11. To answer Telegram AMA questions with professionalism
  12. Basic graphic design skills to create content illustrations
  13. Collaborate with the community manager and designer
A portfolio or samples of your work is a must.
Native or idiomatic English absolutely required.
In the spirit of decentralization, the position is 100% remote and paid in crypto via USDC.
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Posted on March 07, 2021

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