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ICO Reviews and Blockchain Articles Writer

POSTED Jul 23, 2018

RemoteUK, Brazil • ✍️ Content • Contractor

Fernando Cruz, CryptoPig
Fernando Cruz Jul 23, 2018
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at CryptoPig

Active 4 months ago

We are releasing a new cryptocurrency website that will host a good variety of blockchain contents. We are starting with ICO Reviews and then we will be posting articles about the crypto market, technologies, regulations, influences and much more.

Our goal is to create a big cryptocurrency community, made by people in love with technology and the advances that blockchain will bring to the whole society.

We will suggest contents to be written and but expect the writer to also research and bring content suggestions. We want integration, we want to discuss and develop ideas together.

We seek committed people that want to set up a long-term partnership with us.

If you are passionate about blockchain and you have analytical and writing skills, this is the perfect job!

Job Description

We are doing ICO Reviews as the MVP. After we establish a content frequency we will also publish other kinds of contents and will increase the number of posts and of course, the investment.

All the content is being posted in, we will also start sharing in Medium, Steemit, and Twitter.

The website structure is very simple now. We will develop new functionalities as we add more services to it.

Our team is currently composed by me, my partner, 2 researchers and 1 writer.

We are all connected in Telegram to discuss ideas and in Trello to manage the production flow. So we would like you to not just write the reviews, but to engage in this environment as well.

As you are a crypto expert, I am pretty sure you are also an investor. So besides payments, we will offer you the possibility to get into ICO pre-sales with us. We don’t want to just hire a freelancer, we want to build a great partnership and a strong team.

This is our review structure:

We want to keep the same topics and style for all our reviews.

Want to join our team?

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