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POSTED Apr 30, 2018


Remote • Contractor

Luke Saunders, AmaZix
Luke Saunders Apr 30, 2018
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About AmaZix

AmaZix is the leading provider of community management services for crypto projects. We specialize in helping projects running on the Ethereum blockchain, especially those building up to their ICOs. Projects we work on include Bancor, BANKEX, WePower, GBX and DataWallet.

We are growing extremely fast and from our founding a six months ago we now have over 100 people on our team and manage 55 high-level projects, with many more asking to come aboard than we can take. We are profitable and have been since day one.

Though our company is based in Hong Kong our team is distributed around the world (primarily Europe). We’re a 100% remote company.

Job Description

And this is what you should offer:

To apply:

To show that you have the required skills (or to show you can learn them quickly), please answer the following:

  1. Explain in your own words what an ICO or TGE is.
  2. Explain in your own words what a bounty campaign is.
  3. What is Ethereum Gas and how is it used?
  4. Please provide the token contract address of Bancor.

Please do not reach out via Telegram or other channels for the job posting. We have a large backlog of applicants and it could take up to a few weeks to respond. Ability to follow instructions is important.


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