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POSTED Oct 29, 2017
Collin, Intrepid Ventures
Collin Oct 29, 2017
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Job Description

About the Role

A day in the life of a protocol engineer involves optimizing blockchain data structures, writing - crypto algorithms, working with teammates on new designs and optimizations, and collaborating teammates on implementation and code review.

  • Helping to build core blockchain and enterprise technologies
  • Implement and develop blockchain protocol packages in Ethereum
  • Use formal methods to test the correctness of Ethereum Protocol
  • Create and maintain interfaces for API and Storage teams
  • Collaborate with teammates to produce a Protocol Specification


  • Writing excellent code
  • Experience developing in Golang or Java
  • Experience analyzing data structures and algorithms
  • Experience with language and compiler design or crypto engineering
  • Ability to analyze security on large scale systems
  • Designing, working with, and scaling distributed systems
  • Experience with some of the following:
  • Solidity
  • Hadoop, Spark, or Docker contributions
  • Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • SQL development and optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Concurrency and synchronization
  • Distributed computing
  • Common IPC/RPC methods and patterns
  • High availability and business continuity
  • Queuing patterns and pipeline design
  • Batch operations
  • Messaging systems and patterns
  • Solid OS / Networking fundamentals
  • Virtual memory management
  • File system design
  • Optimization
  • System administration knowledge
  • Network architecture
  • Technologies We Use.
  • Custom applications built on top of our core Intrepid platforms provide the foundation for our - deployments.

  • Golang, Rust, Haskell, Java, and Node.JS for our back-end applications.

  • React, Angular, and JQuery for our front-end web technologies.
  • Mongo DB, Level DB, Rethink DB for our databases.
  • Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tendermint for our Blockchain implementations.
  • Solidity for Smart Contract Development.
  • Intrepid Ventures cloud infrastructure is based on AWS EC2, S3, and Google Cloud

What We Value

  • Strong engineering background, preferred in fields such as Computer Science, Mathematics, - Software Engineering, Physics.
    Familiarity with blockchain technology, storage systems, cloud infrastructure, cryptography - libraries, and other technical tools.
    Ability to work effectively in teams of technical and non-technical individuals.
  • Skill and comfort working in a rapidly changing environment with dynamic objectives and iteration - with users.
    Emotional intelligence and the consideration of your teammates.
  • The Ability to work across teams to engage project partners, deeply understand problems, and use - teamwork to drive successful revenue generating outcomes.
    Reflection and continuous self-improvement.
  • Adaptive and introspective; willing to learn, teach, lead, and follow
  • Not afraid of long hours when necessary; able to handle stress well and maintain a positive - attitude

Salary range

90,000 to 120,000

This job has expired

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