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Cubicverse Inc is a game development company that is working on the development of our game called Cubicverse MMORPG. We are still in the startup phase and have not received any investment funds yet which means we are working on a very tight budget.

Job Description

If hired you will start out by doing work on our video game Cubicverse MMORPG on an as needed basis. This is an internship but will come with a small stipend paid in cryptocurrency for the work you do. We plan to bring on the right candidate for a more regular full time position with more a lot more pay once we get to that point. The salary listed is a ball park figure for how much we plan to pay in the cryptocurrency called GameCredits which is a gaming Ethereum token. The token right now at the time of writing this is around $0.08 USD each but had an all time high of more than $6 before the previous team went under and the new team picked up the project. So they are working to build the value of the token back up. 

🌎 Remote
🛠 Engineering
We pay in crypto
📆 Full-time
👶 Intern
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Posted on July 10, 2020

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