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Lead Blockchain Developer

POSTED Apr 12, 2018
Kerstin Shi, Exchange Union
Kerstin Shi Apr 12, 2018
πŸ‘ 1190

at Exchange Union

Exchange Union is on a mission to connect digital asset exchanges across the globe. To achieve this, we are creating an open source software we call the Exchange Union Daemon (XUD).

The XUD is a node run by the exchanges themselves which connects them to a decentralized network in order to allow instant, trustless and secure trades between the exchanges. This will massively boost liquidity, increase the number of trading pairs available whilst simultaneously enabling end-users to take advantage of the best possible price.

We’re an international bunch, with team members from many different countries and we’re looking for talented Devs to join us!

Job Description


  • Decentralized orderbook development.
  • Payment channel development.
  • Atomic swap development.


  • Strong experience in Node.js, TypeScript, Python & Go. Solidity and the development of Dapps is a plus
  • Strong distributed algorithms & storage experience;
  • Strong cryptography background & hands-on experience;
  • Network engineering and protocols experience;
  • Trading system experience (orderbooks, order matching) is a plus.
This job has expired

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Apr 12, 2018 βœ… 14 πŸ‘ 1190
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