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Front End Developer

POSTED Oct 04, 2017

Isaac Choo
Isaac Choo Oct 04, 2017
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Job Description


We are seeking a talented Front End Developer to supplement an existing technical team. If you
believe that technology is changing the way future businesses transact and are looking for a
dedicated team to venture and build your dreams, you might be the right candidate for us!

Our goal is to build a blockchain Smart Contract solution to change the way businesses transact.
The Smart Contracts will be built on top of the blockchain platform and will be deployed alongside LegalFAB’s current Enterprise solutions. This candidate will design, develop various proof of concepts, test and document the development of the Smart Contract solutions.

This role demands elaborate software engineering skills, a true passion for innovative technology to change processes and a keen interest understanding legal technology, the legal domain and an interest to utilize technology to help business manage both legal and transactional needs.

The incumbent will work with the technical and non-technical (i.e. product) team to understand the product roadmap and will work closely with a software architect, blockchain developer and a UX/UI developer to deliver the solution according to the product roll-out schedule.



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