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Legendary BC Engineer with Super power front end skills that puts Iron Man to shame...

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Amrik is hiring for Five Words
March 15, 2021

Words are meaningless... unless you can cash them in....right?

I am building a fun 😃😁 blockchain-powered game that monetizes words 💰💰💰 via online social content...  I can't give too much away at this stage🤫... let's just say there's currently nothing on the market like it...🤔

So if your interest has piqued 👀 then apply below to find out more.... think of it as a fun experiment, that if done correctly with your help, could spawn a new dynamic in the wider crypto economy...😏

Job Description

Calling all visionaries, social misfits, rebellious gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and builders of the new era…

I'm looking for a top-level BlockChain engineer that can work quickly and methodically in building out my vision.  Someone who can add value to the project and must have a reasonable working portfolio delivering fun user engaging projects, not necessarily gaming-related, but has executed something a little different from the Defi/NFT/yield farming hype, however, experience in these areas would be useful too.   Must have solid UX/UI skills and can deliver polished well-constructed interfaces that are easy and inviting to use.  The concept is relatively simple so time to completion should be swift and pain-free.  The salary is negotiable depending on experience and skills, so show me your best!

The serious bit... 

  • Passion for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain experimental projects essential.
  • Provable experience in ERC220 smart contracts essential.
  • Prior Solidity experience in a deployed, live project is a must, please submit when applying.
  • English language proficiency.
  • The ability to effectively communicate technical details via documentation and demonstrations.
  • A self-starter, the motivation and management skills needed to prioritize and work effectively in a remote environment.
  • Experience in multiple chains and cross-chain deployment and L2 smart contracts are preferable.
  • Experience with contract audits and security.
  • Willing to accept payments made in USDT/DAI/USDC.

Please submit the examples mentioned above in your application and good luck!


* All submissions will be verified by the project owners so please be honest in your submissions.

*NDA will be mandatory for the right applicant.



🌎 Remote
🛠 Engineering
We pay in crypto
👔 Contractor
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Posted on March 15, 2021

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