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POSTED Feb 11, 2019

Slovenia   💼 Executive   📆 Full-time

at Miracle Tele s.r.o.

Active 2 months ago

Miracle Tele is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that exploits the potential of blockchain technology in order to provide its customers with high-quality international call and browsing services in one SIM card, help them retain their privacy rights, and earn biweekly rewards thanks to the tokenization of the company assets.

Job Description

Miracle Tele s.r.o., a private limited company incorporated and existing under the laws of Czech Republic, is a mobile virtual network operator that offers worldwide calls and Internet in just one SIM card
Wishes to enter the market of Slovenia and is currently identifying a local general manager who will incorporate a local limited liability company (LLC), open current bank accounts, and will identify a local office to lease. We seek & employ in Ljubljana and Slovenia in general.

*_Želi vstopiti na trg Slovenije in trenutno identificira lokalnega generalnega direktorja, ki bo ustanovil lokalno družbo z omejeno odgovornostjo (LLC), odprl tekoče bančne račune in identificiral lokalno pisarno za najem. Iščemo in zaposlujemo v Ljubljani in Sloveniji na splošno.

Prosimo vas, da nam svetujete, ali se lahko obrnete na vašo pisarno za potrebe oblikovanja LLC, in druge s tem povezane notarske, pravne in prevajalske storitve. Za več informacij prosimo, da pri branju tega sporočila upoštevate profil podjetja!_*

We do also evaluate how friendly Banka Slovenije and/or other regulating bodies may be towards authorised ICO businesses, therefore seek a knowledgeable legal attorney to provide a legal opinion on the matter.

Along with this we shall be interested in other associated services, like:

  • finding and employing a local General manager who will be offered a position of 1-of-2 directors. And other positions, if required by a Regulator (e.g. compliance officer and etc);
  • notary services to form a limited liability company;
  • current bank account and other payment services (e.g. Visa and/or MasterCard acceptance services) from a local bank or other financial institution.

Job Type: Full-time

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