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Troll Master General with great illustration skills

POSTED Apr 28, 2018

Remote • Contractor

at Crypto Space Center

The Crypto Space is insane! Think back to when you first arrived here … This world is a confusing, anarchic mess of impossible to grasp concepts surrounded by a minefield of scams, hacks and vaporware designed to separate you from your money.

We have launched this educational initiative to help newcomers navigate the Crypto Space.

Job Description

We are hiring for the position of: Troll Master General.

Do you fit the following profile:

  • Hang-out way too often on /r/Bitcoin or Crypto Twitter?
  • Enjoy to sh**-talk alt-coins?
  • Have skills in making original but simple illustrations?
  • Don’t take life too seriously?
  • Can make fun in creative ways without being (overly) offensive?

  • Can you slate your own crypto tribe too?

We are looking for the finest of Crypto Trolls. Someone who is intellectually honest, with decent skills in making memes & illustrations and who does not take life too seriously.

Join our community!

Salary range

$20-$100 per image / negotiable

This job has expired

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