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Simran is hiring for YSL.IO
October 03, 2021
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A cutting-edge DeFi tool designed to OPTIMISE and AMPLIFY the returns from yield farming platforms, whilst maximising the benefits of LOCKED LIQUIDITY to create a truly unparalleled token economy.

Job Description

Who we’re looking for:

  • Your attitude is more important to us than anything else, as the right person will be able to quickly learn and adapt to any skill gaps;
  • You must be a team player, with a willingness to share with and learn from others;
  • Being a remote team, collaborative working styles are crucial to empower and grow each individual member;
  • We are seeking a ‘doer’ that thrives in an environment of growth, and enjoys direct exposure to a wide range of tasks;
  • At YSL.IO, we hold respect for our peers very highly and there is no such thing as a bad idea; 
  • We encourage you to think differently, be brave and strive to always raise the bar. 

Skills & Qualifications:

  1. A minimum of 4 years progressive experience (with at least 2 years within blockchain) in delivering high-quality marketing solutions with positive, measurable results with a key focus on digital marketing;
  2. A relevant marketing degree would be advantageous and a strong understanding of yield farming, platforms on the Binance Smart Chain and the overall DeFi space is vital;
  3. Experience in running paid social media, search engine advertising campaigns and managing multiple marketing partners with a strong emphasis on relationship management;
  4. Dynamic, self-motivated and proactive approach for project management, with a strong ability to analyse data and effectively communicate to external and internal stakeholders;
  5. Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills, and comfortable being in front of a camera when the need arises;
  6. Strong copywriting and analytical skills, with an ability to think strategically and problem-solve creatively;
  7. Experience in using SEO tools for keyword research, website optimisation and Google console. Be familiar with SEO and CRO best practices and manage the content creation process to increase organic traffic;
  8. Exceptional organisational and time-management skills, with an ability to solve unexpected challenges in creative ways and flexibly adapt to changing priorities;
  9. Outstanding ability to plan and schedule production of marketing content. This includes collaborating with our marketing team to create compelling content across a range of formats that align with our brand guidelines.

Your Responsibilities:

  1. Lead the marketing team and function, with direct-line reporting to the founders;
  2. Design branding and positioning and ensure our brand message is strong and consistent across all channels and marketing efforts;
  3. Develop growth strategies and campaigns to generate MQLs for new features, platform enhancements, and new partnerships by forming the positioning, messaging, and value proposition;
  4. Use a data-driven approach to build and execute creative, eye-catching and audience-focused campaigns to drive acquisition, adoption and retention;
  5. Build and maintain strong relationships with external partners to identify and deliver on strategic commercial outcomes to drive innovation in social and content;
  6. Stay on top of emerging and trending topics/trends in the DeFi and yield farming space, identifying opportunities and informing on new ways to connect with our community of users;
  7. Apply metrics from tools like SEM Rush, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Google Trends, Google Optimise, and Google Search Console metrics to measure the performance of marketing campaigns and apply potential strategies to grow brand awareness using these tools;
  8. Work alongside the marketing team to coordinate and implement an innovative and engaging content calendar, ensuring that the branding and key messages are optimised and consistent across all channels and through all promotional activities;
  9. Organise and manage community-building activities, engage in mentions on all social media channels and be the brand's voice for all communications on social media. Be comfortable in front of a camera, but not mandatory;
  10. Explore new digital marketing opportunities and lead the implementation of ads across social networks, search, podcasts, newsletters, and other channels;
  11. Manage all influencer marketing on Twitter and Youtube, and build new relationships with emerging influencers relevant to the project.


  • Competitive salary for the right candidate;
  • Flexible working hours and start-up culture.
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Posted on October 03, 2021

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