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CardWallet is a cross-chain non-custodial wallet and liquidity engine, primarily built for the Cardano ecosystem but also offers support for other chains and their native tokens.

Our goal is to become #1 wallet for Cardano. The ecosystem is now rapidly being developed, so it is a chance for you to participate in the acquisition of a huge emerging market.

CardWallet is led by industry professionals who have proven ability to create leading products in the market.

Job Description


  • Participate in the development of product and marketing strategy
  • Drive the key numbers of the project: active users, revenue-generating activities, token holders
  • Coordinate marketing activities
    • Community initiatives (contests, etc)
    • SMM (Twitter, Telegram)
    • Media publications
    • Media buying
    • Working with influencers
    • Driving activities in Reddit, 4Chan, Discord


  • Deep understanding of crypto industry
  • 1y+ experience in a similar position
  • Understanding of the specifics in the field (experience with successful marketing campaigns - Reddit, 4chan, Twitter, Discord, etc
  • Connections in the industry will be a plus (with trusted marketing agencies, influencers)
  • Remote work
  • Full time
  • Compensation is as a fixed amount + tokens (KPI based)
📆 Full-time
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Posted on October 05, 2021

Apply for Marketing Manager at CardWallet

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