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POSTED Mar 15, 2018
Denys Goncharenko, HighCastle
Denys Goncharenko Mar 15, 2018
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Job Description

HighCastle is the world’s biggest investment marketplace that provides access to 6242 projects with combined 3.3 billion in value and its growing every day.

HighCastle Team is looking for an ambitious marketing officer who is willing to work in a team focused on the outcome. The work will be remote, using Whatsapp or Telegram for communication

You will participate in the development of the company’s marketing strategy, and together with other team members you will implement it.

At HighCastle we believe that professionals do not need an explanation about HOW TO. Only the goal is needed.

Any creativity is welcome

Salary range

20k-400k HighCastle's AIMS

This job has expired

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