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Node Effect is a startup that is initially based in Asia but has a distributed remote team.

We're in incubation period (no revenue yet, but you still get paid!) so there's plenty of greenfield projects to tinker with. We're building what we think is the future of FinTech, with less counterparty risk, less banks and more tehcnology and empowered users. For more info see

Job Description

We're hiring 1 developer (we are part-time friendly btw), see below if you fit any of the profiles:

- Mobile/desktop development: experience building with Android and/or iOS and/or macOS and/or Windows and/or Linux. A plus if you're familiar with Xamarin and/or GTK.

- WebAssembly development: experience building nonJavaScript things that are run in the browser. A plus if you're familiar with UNO/Blazor.

- Blockchain/smartcontracts development: experience building crypto stuff. A plus if you're familiar with Lightning (even if just as a user).

- C#/.NET development: experience using the dark-side of software development lol. A plus if you have some F# exposure.

Please write me at andres at nodeffect dot com and I'll give you more details. Thanks!

🌎 Remote
🛠 Engineering
We pay in crypto
👔 Contractor
👶 Intern
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Posted on March 22, 2021

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