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Music Streaming

POSTED Jan 21, 2019

RemoteNew York, NY • Full-time

Matthew Reid Jr, Pandemics.Play
Matthew Reid Jr Jan 21, 2019
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at Pandemics.Play

Active 2 months ago

Pandemics.Play is an ecosystem tailored around all aspects of the music industry using the blockchain technology. We are a small start-up based in nyc and we provide services and assistances for everyone from consumers, artists, producers, all the way to event planners, brands, and video producers.

Job Description

Do you want to build the future ? Join the team. We are looking for an developer to help us develop and deploy our music streaming app onto the app store. Screens are already made and deployed on zeplin, we’re ready for back end work. Must know how to lock items, use firebase with aws, NEM, API’s, and withdrawl requests.

Must be open to doing weekly meetings over a screen sharing system.

disregard the website we provided on this site, our current website is being developed now.

Salary range

Equity or Crypto's


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Jan 21, 2019 👁 552
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