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NFT ERC 721 + 1155 Token Marketplace Development

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March 10, 2021
Who we are:
We are Troon Technologies - Collectively we are an emerging tech company full of passionate professionals with experience across traditional and blockchain enterprise technologies. We aim to leverage our existing experience in the NFT space and become leaders to assist in growing this amazing NFT global market.  
Our Culture:
We are led by a layer of conscious entrepreneurs with deep experience across; emerging business concepts, marketing and brand, token concepts and talented technical engineers. To a fellow engineer, this means you are given projects that are technically sound, emerging and high impact. We also believe in family first and appreciate hard work and great communication. 

Job Description

What we are looking for:

A full stack developer is preferred however the focus on backend, blockchain and token (ERC's) experience is most important. Ideally you are passionate and have digested many blockchain white papers, worked on various protocols, tokens contracts and understand the layers of the technology. We appreciate engineers who express themselves deeply and speak clearly. Working on early-stage products excites you and you love collaborating with the product team to find the best solutions for the product. You understand that this is a team sport and that we can only win together!
You will be:
  • Developing NFT tokens and wallets into a marketplace 
  • Develop new and maintain existing ERC-721 / ERC1155 smart contracts 
  • Working working with other engineers to bring blockchain feature to our users
Requirements we are looking for:
  •  3+ years professional development experience  
  • Expert knowledge of backend JavaScript API/Web services development in Node.js / Express.js  
  • Back-End design, development of applications using Node.js that can scale to millions of transactions  
  •  Must have Web3 and Ethereum or other blockchain experience
  • Good understanding of marketplace blockchains - preferrably; FLOW blockchain (e.g NBA Top Shot.com) or understanding of; WAX.io, or Ethereum (Nifty gateway) blockchain and Solidity
  • Token smart contracts and Payment on and off ramps - Production level experience with NFT - ERC-721 / ERC1155 
  • You have experience with IPFS
Important additions:
  • Working knowledge of Docker/Kubernetes
  • Strong knowledge of MongoDB or similar
  • Familiar with AWS 
  • Fundamental level React.JS experience  
  • Ability to communicate clearly and attend daily standup meetings
  • Dedication to meet project deadlines in a timely manner
  • Attention to details 
  • Willingness to sign an NDA  
If you're a developer with a passion for emerging tech, tokens smart contracts and blockchain technology then get in touch - we are looking forward to building with you!
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Posted on March 10, 2021

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