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Operations Manager

POSTED Jun 08, 2018


San Francisco, New York City • Other… • Full-time

Richard Burton, Balance
Richard Burton Jun 08, 2018
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About Balance

We’re building simple, powerful interfaces for the token economy.

Balance began life as a side project. Ben, Christian and Richard built a personal finance tool for macOS. We launched the app in early 2017 and Apple featured the product on the front of the Mac App Store. We then started thinking about adding support for digital currencies. After building out a prototype we successfully raised a round of crowd funding.

Our focus now is to build a great wallet and interface for the token economy. We are currently focused on Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens.

Job Description

We are a team of designers and engineers. We want to spend all our time making something people want. There are so many things you could do to help us focus. We need someone who is comfortable switching contexts hundreds of times a day: from customer support to interacting with dapp developers. You will be responsible for all of the operations of the business. For example: running payroll, organising events, keeping our books, paying contractors, booking travel, writing blog posts, handling a recruiting pipeline. If you love operations, please answer these questions concisely:

🆘99% of applicants do not answer the questions. Please try! 🤓

We aim to respond within 3 days.

Salary range

$80K–$120K USD. Equity: 0.5%–4.0%

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