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P2P Networks & Database Master

POSTED Mar 28, 2018
Kerstin Shi, Exchange Union
Kerstin Shi Mar 28, 2018
πŸ‘ 936

at Exchange Union

Exchange Union is an open source project, developing a node software called XUD, short for β€œExchange Union Daemon” XUDs are operated by independent digital asset exchanges, which form the decentralized Exchange Union Network. The technology enables instant, secure and trustless trades of different digital assets between exchanges.

Job Description


  1. Build a decentralized orderbook in a potentially unreliable or adversarial peer to peer network
  2. Handle full software lifecycle, system design, and development of distributed data processing
  3. Requirements analysis and system architecture planning
  4. Performance tuning, concurrency control, and load testing


  1. Fluency with distributed and high-performance database technologies
  2. A minimum of 3 years experience in software development and database design
  3. Deep understanding of peer-to-peer systems, concurrency control, fault-tolerance, scalability, and distributed databases
  4. Experience building systems that manage and process large data sets
  5. We care more about your skills and experience than your degree
  6. We are an open-source crypto startup, we work fully decentralized and we move fast
  7. we are not very familiar with 9-5 and retirement plans
This job has expired

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Mar 28, 2018 βœ… 5 πŸ‘ 936
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