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$PACcoin Treasurer

$PAC is a digital asset based off of DASH with a solid foundation and a bright future. $PAC is a unique hybrid that combines a master node network at its foundation complimented with a vibrant community. These two networks synergize together and provide a strong foundation for $PAC’s future projects. The masternode network providers will engage the $PAC community to help steer 20% of the future coin supply on use cases focused on charity, content and alternative choices. We have just finished a successful redemption program with over 60,000 transactions where there were over three trillion old PAC converted to the new coins called $PAC!

The PAC to $PAC redemption window will be officially closing on June 30th, 2018, but we will keep a small pool of coins available to uphold our originally published schedule. Currently, there are approximately ~270 million $PAC available to be used to help fuel the core operations and provide an incentive structure for the future management team of $PAC. $PAC has a DAO system like DASH, but this system lacks the efficiency and transparency that a traditional operational budget needs to succeed and minimize wasteful expenses etc. For example, as the price fluctuates projects submitted to the existing DAO system become massively overpaid or underfunded. Early on the founding team identified these issues and decided to build an operational budget and incentive program from the remaining $PAC. This pool of $PAC will be released into circulation with the commencement of this budget and the treasury position.

Finding the balance of decentralized system that competes in the digital asset space against centralized teams and operational personnel provides $PAC with significant challenges. We believe we have designed an excellent compromise that will make our community members and masternode holders satisfied. We actively invite applicants to apply for this role and help us succeed in achieving these goals.

As our operations expand, we need our management team to grow so we can continue to deliver excellence across a harmonized business front. $PAC currently has a presence all across the world and it is currently ranked around 250 as a digital asset. Join our team and help us deliver an outstanding, customer-oriented and community focused treasury management service.

Job Description

You will support $PAC’s operational budget reporting monthly outflows and expenses. Each departmental expense will provide you with their expenses and your job will be responsible for reimbursing them with the converted $PAC equivalent. These expenses will comprise of the following areas: Core $PAC development and operational expenses, management incentives (payable on milestones) and exchange listing fees. When and if this initial budget is depleted, your office with the help of the community input, must submit and maintain a proposal to manage these expenses accordingly going forward.


  • Performing administrative tasks related to treasury management such as monthly expense consolidation and conversion of $PAC to USD
  • Reimburse the responsible parties for ongoing operational expenses related to $PAC’s core functions consisting of Development Office in Mexico, Moderator & Helpdesk Support and Operational Infrastructure and other areas deemed ‘core operations’
  • Write a monthly Treasury status and prepare a chart of expenses -vs- accruals
  • Performing other ad hoc administrative tasks related to your function
  • Supporting communication and document submission to exchanges, banks etc.
  • Supporting communication and document submission with government authorities
  • Communication with clients (possible local and overseas onsite visits)
  • Work 5-20 hours/week from your home office
  • This position will report to the original founders directly and the $PAC holders via reporting


  • Must have a real world associated financial background in accounting & business
  • Has a high attention to detail and strong organization skills
  • Eager to learn about treasury management and exchange operations
  • Develop mechanisms to release payments in a controlled manner
  • Client relationship experience is a plus
  • Excellent written and verbal skills and ability to use SKYPE etc.
  • High level of ownership, flexibility and responsibility
  • Preference on candidate being abroad

We offer:

  • Payment will be paid in $PAC at a rate converted at the time to equal $3,200 USD a month
  • Great opportunity to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency industry
  • Hands-on experience with treasury management • Future transition into larger roles with $PAC with successful performance

Applications are being accepted until July 27th, 2018

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Posted on June 27, 2018

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